What is a Chartered Professional Accountant and Why hire a CPA?

Owning a business, small or larger, requires dedication and hours of hard and rewarding work. A constant worry is revenue and expenses - how to keep the balance sheet towards profitability. The many expenses such as payroll, salaries and business or other taxes require expertise in finances; someone who is trained. Having the knowledge of a professional who is up to date on the laws of the city, province and country and is a professional accountant will benefit any company. Why would you spend so much of your precious time trying to navigate financial situations and deciphering complex situations when the knowledge and abilities of someone trained in those topics is readily available to you? So where does a company in the BC interior start looking? You want a Chartered Professional Accountant like Robin Cardew, CPA, CGA working for you and advising you on complex matters; as well as those seemingly simple topics which may or may not actually be so simple. A little advice can go a long way to saving you down the road or making you more in the future. A little investigation into what you have filed in the past may create a refund for you or future credits to utilize.

What is a Chartered Professional Accountant?

A Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) in British Columbia is an individual who has completed rigorous education and training plus has completed an undergraduate degree and worked to gain the Professional Experience Required for Certification (PERC). They may have come from the CA, CGA or CMA route of training or through the new governing body which merged the three into the CPA designation. The right courses in finance, taxes, business, management, cost control and other topics are always learned. After completing the right courses, the practical experience and all the required exams, a CPA is a professional designation where the individual has demonstrated experience, knowledge and technical skills in various financial and management areas.

For the CPA, education does not stop there. Professional Development and Ethics courses are mandatory and each year specific requirements must be met. Accounting as a CPA requires continual career and professional development. Laws, regulations and procedures change, updates on accounting methods and standards need to be constantly renewed and knowledge of varying industry trends need to be kept abreast of so a CPA can assist you in ensuring your business needs are being met.

Chartered accountants work in many different fields and areas - public and private. Some will specialize in tax accounting, business accounting or different sized companies. At Robin Cardew Accounting any size company is welcome from the Vernon, Shuswap, Kelowna, Okanagan, Kootenay, Thompson and other areas.

When a company chooses to work with a CPA, they are not just hiring a knowledgeable financial professional, but they are getting the protection of the CPA Association. This professional organization licenses and holds CPA's accountable. It is a chartered organization which means it is the governing body that ensures its members are acting ethically and professionally. Because a licensed CPA has the backing and support of the association, hiring a chartered accountant ensures the CPA has the skill level required and is licensed to practice in the area they are practicing.


Managing corporate and business finances are not the only services CPA companies offer. Personal taxes can become complex. You may not be up to date on the latest laws, credits or benefits. Each situation is different but a tax accountant is up to date. At Robin Cardew Accounting, not only does he have knowledge of corporate and business financial needs, but he has the knowledge and experience in personal tax.

When looking for accounting, bookkeeping, financial assistance, corporate or personal, look for a CPA. Expertise, experience and professional backing is what you acquire. If you are in the Vernon, BC area, contact Robin at (250) 550-5719 or online.

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